Sunday, January 30, 2011


OK!!   After a week of the flu...I SO NEED this!!!    This I feel will be one of the best TICKETS TO TRAVEL!!  This is what I have been waiting on!  Ticket to the UK!  For two years I  have been trying to get over to Liverpool to see my boys...well, not really my boys, but the boys in the band.  10 Reasons To Live....Thanks to Paul Garrett befriending me on myspace a little over four years ago, and now I'm almost on my way!

Last March, I had a tentative itenerary planned and messed around and didn't purchase the tickets before they went up over $2600.00 !  Can't afford that!  I NOW have another tentative itenerary waiting on me!  In the next 2 hours I will know if I am going to LIVERPOOL!!!  I am so nervous with anticipation that I have no idea how I will even stand myself when I click the PURCHASE BUTTON!!! hahahahahaha!

Details to follow!!

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