Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ticket To Begin

As I wonder how to begin, I know I cannot fathom where that is.  As much as I sit and imagine what I will do today, who I will talk with, who I will chat with online, who I will meet, or where I will go, beginning this blog is definitely something new.  I have to admit as much work as I do online, I am not computer savvy.

Being able to manifest more in life for myself and for the people around me is something that is very important for me at this point in my life.  I was told by a dear friend that I should choose one thing I am passionate about and write about that.  How do I choose?  Music, Travel, Cooking, Concerts, Volunteer, Advocate, Lupus, Health.  Again, how do I choose?  OK...TOSS!  I will cover each subject as the time comes, but I will start with music.

I LOVE MUSIC!  How could I go a day with out music?  IMAGINE!! ME! Going one entire day without music!  As soon as I hit the snooze button on the radio alarm, at least twice, my feet hit the floor and turn on the stereo in the living room.  Hair Guitar is pre-selected on my DTV and that is what gets me going in the mornings, not to mention the 6 cups of coffee before I leave for work! 

Looking back at my childhood I have always loved music, all kinds of music.  My mother was only nineteen when I was born, so as a teenager herself, I inherited her love of music. All the wonderful "45's" and "LP's" I also inherited at the mere age of two when she passed away.  No don't get all down and out and feel sorry for me.  This is not a feel sorry blog, this is an IMAGINE a TICKET TO....better things in life.  I listened to those records over and over as a child.  I still have several of her records but have lost many over the years, of course, who has a "record player" to play vinyls on anymore. 

Music can lift you up, bring you down, soothe you, make you remember a particular day or date in your life that nothing else could have brought out of your memory.  Amazing that teachers still use music to teach the alphabet and other hard to learn projects for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

 I had a teacher/preacher in church as a teenager that told me music was of the devil.  Music had been cast down out of heaven with Michael the Archangel.  I must be demon possessed by rock music I was so into music.  Can you believe being taught this in church?  Oh how I have to look back and laugh, because we would then stand up and sing praises unto God.  Were we now being blasphemous?

Oh, let's not get into religion.  I'm talking about music, wonderful, wonderful music.  What shall I tell you next?  First album I ever owned or first concert?  Hahahaha, either way it was an OSMOND, 1971. That was the first time I lost my voice at my first concert.  Laughing as I look back.  It was at the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.  The stage was in the midle of  the field.  You know how small ball players look on a ball field from the stands, imagine Donny in 1971! Hahahaha!  I am quiet sure now I couldn't have seen him at all, but as a 9 year old girl, who cared?  I could hear him!

Music from Donny Osmond, to David Cassidy to brother Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, The Bee Gees as it did for most teenage girls.  However in 1979, I was changed to a Leppard Head!  Along came Def Leppard, I was hooked.  In came the 80's, The Hair Bands Ruled!  I am forever a Leppard Head.

Def Leppard is who led me into music promotions via internet and in my hometown.  Four years ago, online, I met a rhythm guitarist from a band in Liverpool.  Paul Garrett of 10 Reasons To Live.  And it takes off from there!  How, I forsee you asking, does my story help you or me?  Maybe you read and remember your youth and it brings back a happy time, or makes you think of a special friend you have not thought about for quiet some time.  How does this help me or help me manifest?  Sharing, whether it be stories, feelings, songs, recipes, ideas or questions will help me manifest something everyday.  It always has and always will.

I hate to cut this beginning to an end for tonight but I must.

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