Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ticket To Meet 10 Reasons To Live

Ahhh, that's where I was getting to last night, or rather this morning when sleep began to call.

Five of the hottest looking guys you'll ever see.  10 Reasons To Live have come along way since these young school friends decided they wanted to be Rock Musicians,  an ambition not unusual in one of the cities that has produced one of the most famous bands of all times,  ‘The Beatles’.   What sets these guys apart is there unswerving determination to succeed?  10rtl went through a lead singer change in the midst of my promoting them.  The new addition was a success! Steve McNally, formally of BBMAK became the new lead for 10rtl.  The unveiling was on June 3, 2009 the Britbus Showcase Tour @ Korova in Liverpool.  This proved to be a wonderful addition to the band. In addition, Ste Mak plays guitar and what band doesn't need another player!

I've been trying to get over to Liverpool for the past 2 years to actually meet the guys in person.  Feels a little strange that I work so feverishly on bringing a band to America, but something just clicked the day I met Paul online and it's all history from there. 

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