Sunday, March 27, 2011


After five, YES FIVE weeks of having the crud and then catching up on work and life, I am back!!  Flu turned into a light pneumonia.  Found out some really interesting things while being sick, but will not focus on that!

During that time, I have purchased those tickets to the UK!!!  My daughter and I leave on May 31!!  Friend, Sarah Jones of NAIC Photography is collecting me at the airport in Manchester!!  The two weeks to follow while there is going to be amazing!!  My 10 Reasons To Live will have released their latest album, CITY LIFE, and I'm begging for a gig while I am over!!  To put the icing on the cake, DEF LEPPARD is going to be headlining the DOWNLOAD Festival on Friday, June 10!!  NOTHING could be better than me getting to see both my bands while I am there!! 

I have also purchased tix to three other Leppard gigs through the summer in the US!  Four days after I return from the UK, I will see Leppard in Atlanta, Georgia.  One month later will be Leppard in New Orleans, Louisiana....September will be Leppard in Las Vegas, Nevada!!  A summer of Lepaprd!!  Nothing could be better for me....except catering jobs to finance the spending money!! hahahaha!

Later everyone!!

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